Antiques may have lost some of their cache, but Vintage merchandise is huge now in the interior design market. 

Integrating old pieces of furniture and accessories into modern environments creates character, charm, and introduces the unexpected. Our homes are steadily becoming more of a reflection of our education and tastes, showcasing the places we have been in the world, the craftsmanship we cherish, the pride of ownership. 

We want to live in spaces that house the items we feel are worth having, start a conversation, begin a collection. We now shop outside the traditional furniture store. If you ever shop eBay, you know retro pieces can be integrated into your decor to create a fresh look, at a minimal cost. Pinterest is full of retro-vintage ideas. Deco finds are trending at the moment, next year shows signs international style mixups. Primitives have a place in the home beside the industrial dining table, offering a strong juxtaposition. 

Whatever the item, the avid collector will always be on the hunt, year after year. 

Antique furniture, if truly made well, will never be out of fashion. Canadiana pine has a warmth and comforting simplicity. Barely twist legs on tables are a detail and craft left behind when manufacturing and mass production became commonplace. Bakelite hardware on Art Deco dressers are one of the details we do not have available anymore, and can really appreciate. 

The odd baroque piece, a mirror or small plant stand, can add drama to a simple room. Harvest tables are being reintroduced in new productions, but the old authentic, full of burns, scratches and markings are much more desirable. Vintage carpets add warmth, colour and pattern to any room, including ensuite baths or powder rooms. Antique linen sacks offer a course woven for table cloths and hand towels, or upholstery. 

Hudson Bay blankets are big in the Vintage marketplace, and flea market. Wall hangers made from old and weathered farm tools, or a collection of tin toys displayed on open shelving make a welcome addition to a family living area. 

Silver plate coffee and tea serves are in abundance and so affordable they can be used as flower vases, or reintroduced for day to day use. I use my grandmother’s tea pot every morning to steep my tea, and keep it piping hot. Teacups, long forgotten in the back of Boomers cupboards, have seen a resurgence with High Tea becoming fashionable. Teak furniture has always had a metropolitan following, as the sleek lines work in trim condos. 

My husband and I have a mixture of old and new furnishings in our home, built in 1904. With our love of vintage and antiques, we decided to integrate our finds into my interior decorating business, and now offer a range of interesting vintage and antique furniture and accessories, currently located at Market Road Antiques in St.Jacobs. 

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