Decorating With Antiques

Plate on wall with small shelf

Vintage finds are hot in the decorating world now. With so many people downsizing, there is an abundance of affordable character pieces on the market. eBay is a reflection of that trend. Antique markets can provide a great source for design ideas, even for the modern home. A china cupboard, circa 1880’s, can be integrated into a new build, offering a strong juxtaposition to current sleek finishes and trims. A Canadiana pine corner cabinet can soften a space and provide storage to a dining room. Decorating with a mixture of old and new insures your rooms are uniquely your own. There are so many inspiring decor ideas, for example, how about combining a custom live edge table with antique upholstered chairs. Integrating warmth and charm into any area of the home, antiques are often better constructed then current offshore marketplace furnishings.

Antique corner piece

Looking for some more designer tips? Why not start by mixing in some old earthenware jugs or pickling containers as accents into your family room or kitchen decor? White and blue colour schemes are still appealing, adding blue and white china, like Blue Willow, reinforces the theme. Incorporate a porcelain garden stool as an accent table in the living room. By adding an antique butter bowl, trencher, or stack of blanket boxes into your decorating scheme, you add texture and interest. Silver plate serving trays can protect coffee table tops, or can add reflective surfaces to a wall when hung in groupings.

My husband and I have a mixture of old and new furnishings in our own home, built in 1904. With our appreciation of antiques we decided to integrate them into my Interior Decorating business. We currently offer a mixture of vintage items at our booth in Market Road, located in St.Jacobs, ON. You will find an ever changing collection in booth #312. More to come on Facebook!

Are you ready to decorate? If I can assist you in finding perfect furniture and accessories for your home, old or new, let me know. I am always on the lookout for unique and wonderful pieces and decorating is my passion.