At some point we all realize the family house is too large, with rooms not really being utilized other than for storage, the property is too much to maintain comfortably, and the driveway and walks are an ongoing winter issue. In short the house is just not the right fit for our changing lifestyle. 

Even if we hire in needed services, downsizing is going to be part of the conversation with family and friends. Making significant transitions is not just for seniors. The time to move is not when our mobility is compromised with arthritis or injury, or just plain age. The best time to move is when we are alert, able bodied and in charge of the new home selection.  

Sometimes we reap large cash benefits, other times the shift may be lateral in terms real estate, but a huge benefit, free from the burdens of maintaining a large home,  creating greater estate dollars, as our cost of living is reduced. Downsizing, or rightsizing, should be looked upon as an opportunity to clean out the cobwebs, ridding ourselves of items long ago forgotten. 

Lightening the load can actually give us a kick start into a new chapter of our lives. It also is a way of caring for our estate,  so our children are not left with the job of sorting and disposing of a large household. 

Relocation could mean we can travel more, we need only to lock our condo door and go, knowing that the building is secure and maintained by others. Volunteering when the opportunity arrises, because the garden no longer holds us prisoner there.  Exercising was never easier in the gym provided downstairs. The pool is an elevator ride away. If a condo isn’t your preference, there are charming town homes and bungalows available, depending on area flexibly. 

Smaller square footage in a freehold home may be desirable. A small historical home, full of character, may provide a welcome renovation project. Customizing your new home can ensure you have everything on your wish list, including the amenities needed when you do become more senior. 

Many condominiums are coming of age now, offering a good buy-in price, with the ability to renovate to achieve your own personal style. Moving to a small town offers a chance to make new friends, and become part of a smaller community. Walking, hiking and just easy living may hold more appeal in this environment. Whatever your choice, the fact is, a move to downsize just makes sense. 

At Margot Designs we offer a full compliment of downsizing services: complete packing and moving to storage or new location, preselection of items to keep, based on a customized floor plan of the new location, disposal, sale, or donation of items family members do not want, selection and purchase of new furniture for the new home, made to measure, paint colours and design of the new home, renovations if needed, artwork placement and hanging, customized window coverings, the service list is extensive. 

All of our services are customized to suit your individual needs, you design the service to fit your move.  

If you or a family member are ready to downsize,  we are here to ensure your transition is an enjoyable one. Caring moving services made easy.